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Few Words About Us

Core Systems Group is a multidisciplinary company still in a manifestation process, the first member is core systems ICT focusing on wide range of ICT disciples from telecommunications, software to hardware and more...


Our mission is to offer small business the opportunity to expand their reach to their customers, to increase sales and improve productivity through our affordable websites and graphics solutions. We also wish to build a strong forever-lasting relationship with our clients.


Our vision is to provide our clients with simple yet unique websites, which consist of a well-planned strategy to accomplish the proposed project/s We also wish to become the leading web and graphics company through the whole of the Republic of Southern Africa and aboard.


  • Honesty

  • Professionalism

  • Customers always come first :)


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Hours Of Code


Hard Workers


We try our very best to accommodate any business requirement we might get from you, we are not limited to only what you will see on this site :) thats how good we are... Make sure you place a request before your internet connection disconnect you from us.

Web Development

Having a website is the most effective and effortless way of marketing a business, it is a 24/7 billboard that reach customers all over the world


We offer no down time hosting using our higly fast and secured servers. Users will experience a higly efficient content delivery while browsing for content.

App Development

Our thought leadership understand how important ideas are. we accommodate both innovative app ideas that are disruptive in a positive way & business apps

Cloud Integration

We offer cloud services IaaS, Saas, PaaS this means you wont need physical hardware at your offices helping you reduce cost and make the business effective by fast services we provide via cloud.


We highly specialize in IoT solutions, from smart cities, smart homes, smart farms etc. This is the future technologies that makes business operations seamless: Contact Us for More information

Business Intelligence (BI)

Dicision making plays a vital role in any business, to avoid decisions that are human oriented and would cost your business a fortune, we offer you the ability use your data to grow your business. Our Systems can be automated too!!.

Call To Action

We are available 24/7 you contact us we get back to you as fast as speed of light, you know how we small businesses operate :).


Meet our team made up of highly skilled individuals, powered by coffee and good music


Chief Executive Officer (Founder)


We are able to see who and how many people visited our website, however we would really like you to contact us or etleast say "Hi" to us.

South Africa


+27 74 977 3057

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